Hi friends, welcome to the latest edition of The Edge, a compendium of writing that helps you live better. I wasn’t afraid to die. I was more afraid, or angry if you’d like, that I hadn’t lived, that I hadn’t made the most of every opportunity. So I was waiting for a day that…
A happy life / equanimity in decision making / fulfilling work
sitting; lab grown chicken; taking ideas seriously; knowledge is wealth; business is a disease; how to design the perfect day
saunas / shaping your environment / $10k per hour work / social cooling / embracing mortality
The science of touch; whisky; fake get-rich gurus; virtual economies; practicing gratitude; avoiding binary thinking
how exercise shapes you; acquiring specific knowledge; what next for bitcoin; compassion; calm
Intermittent fasting, resting deeply, Navamanac, mistakes and forgiveness
Cognitive behavioural therapy, Building virtual economies, escaping the social dilemma
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