Hi friends, welcome to the latest edition of The Edge, a compendium of writing that helps you live better. I wasn’t afraid to die. I was more afraid, or…

February 2021

A happy life / equanimity in decision making / fulfilling work

December 2020

sitting; lab grown chicken; taking ideas seriously; knowledge is wealth; business is a disease; how to design the perfect day

November 2020

saunas / shaping your environment / $10k per hour work / social cooling / embracing mortality

October 2020

The science of touch; whisky; fake get-rich gurus; virtual economies; practicing gratitude; avoiding binary thinking
how exercise shapes you; acquiring specific knowledge; what next for bitcoin; compassion; calm
Intermittent fasting, resting deeply, Navamanac, mistakes and forgiveness

September 2020

Cognitive behavioural therapy, Building virtual economies, escaping the social dilemma
Gymnastic rings, intermittent fasting, asymmetric risk, living the simple life
Forest bathing, chopping wood, Snowflake, Privacy
Short bites to help you become healthier, wealthier and wiser.